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Who we are? We’re a team of fresh enthusiastic financial experts primarily helping personal and business clients in the Eastbourne and surrounding area. We have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of clients and this breadth of knowledge means we are expert at taking complex solutions and making them easy to understand and jargon free.


We know many of our clients live busy lives. Balancing your work, family and social life rarely leaves time to study, research, compare and analyse your current finances let alone plan for the future. We all know at times we need to review our life insurance, pension, mortgage or savings but often we don’t know who to trust to give us advice and who will take our individual situation into account. We bring high quality friendly advice to everyone and we promise not to be boring and stuffy!


What we offer? We offer a wide range of specialist services, including advice on investment, retirement, borrowing, protection and Inheritance Tax planning, as well as all types of pension schemes and employee benefits. Being independent means we go to the whole market place. This creates more work for us, whether its researching your individual mortgage or investment fund from thousands or analysing the small print on an insurance policy. We believe that by going the extra mile our clients get the best value.


We can’t afford to build a business on “one hit wonders”. We believe in providing a high quality service, with the emphasis on building long term relationships with our clients, after all we plan on staying around for a long time to come!

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Pensions, Investments, Insurance, Mortgages
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  • Website: 121fs.com
  • Servicing residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed and insured
  • Year established: 2010
  • Number of employees: 2
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  • Pensions, Investments, Insurance, Mortgages
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25 Hyde Gardens
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01323 734530
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Pensions Income

If you have one or more personal, stakeholder or workplace money purchase pensions and are looking to find out much pensions income they will produce there are a number of things to consider. You’ll have a choice to make about how to get an income from your pension when you retire.


The most straightforward way to get an income is to use the money in your pension fund to buy a lifetime annuity. This is where you swap the money from your pension fund to give you an income in retirement. A lifetime annuity will pay you a pensions until you die.

Also it is possible to purchase your pensions income in the form of a fixed-term annuity. This is a way of receiving an income for a set period (usually 5 -10 years) and then at the end of the contact you will receive a guaranteed amount of your original fund back. The guaranteed amount is set out when you start the process. This enables you to then buy a lifetime annuity at a later date. This can be very beneficial for people currently in good health and for times when lifetime annuity rates are low. And more...call us or visit our website for more information about the service we offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Whole of Life

Whole of life assurance is a insurance policy that remains in force for the insured’s whole life and requires (in most cases) premiums to be paid every year into the policy. This insurance can be taken out to pay for funeral expenses, cover an Inheritance Tax bill or simply to provide a lump sum to family.


This insurance is often more expensive than a fixed term life insurance because of the certainty that the company will eventually have to pay the sum insured. Monthly premiums may be invested by the insurer into a life fund with the aim to reduce regular contributions.


For more advice on whole of life insurance, please contact us.

Whole of Market

IFAs are professionals who offer independent advice on financial matters to their clients and recommend suitable financial products from the whole of market. The term whole of market was developed to reflect a UK regulatory position and has a specific UK meaning.


The term “Independent Financial Adviser” was coined to describe the advisers working independently in the whole of market for their clients rather than representing an insurance company, bank or bancassurer. At the time (1988) the UK government was introducing the polarisation regime which forced advisers to either be tied to a single insurer or product provider or to be an independent practitioner.


IFAs must offer their clients the option to pay for advice by fee as an alternative to commission. Typically an IFA will conduct a detailed survey of their client’s financial position, preferences and objectives; this is sometimes known as a ‘factfind’. They will then advise appropriate action to meet the client’s objectives; and if necessary recommend a suitable financial product to match the client’s needs.


Individuals and businesses consult IFAs on many matters including investment, retirement planning, insurance, protection and mortgages (or other loans). IFAs also advise on some tax and legal matters.


If you require whole of market advise please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Fully qualified pension auto enrolment specialists

We are fully qualified pension auto enrolment specialists. We are able to asses your work force, recommend and set up a qualifying pension scheme tailored to your needs, interact compliantly with your staff to determine their retirement objectives. We also ensure ongoing servicing so your pension scheme will run at it’s full potential from both an investment and compliant point of view.


Workplace pensions law is changing and every employer will have to act! From 2012, changes to pensions law will affect all employers in the UK. To help prepare for the changes, which include the introduction of auto enrolment, we can offer advice on accessing your work force and setting up your qualifying ‘Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme’.


Auto-enrolment – what is it?
The government has introduced a new law to make it easier for people to save for their retirement. It requires all employers to enrol their workers into a qualifying workplace scheme if they are not already in one. At present, many workers fail to take up valuable benefits because they do not make an application to join their employer’s scheme. Auto enrolment is meant to overcome this.


What is a qualifying workplace scheme?

- A defined contribution scheme with a minimum contribution; or
- A defined benefit or hybrid scheme which meets certain conditions.


Does this affect me?
Employers have to automatically enrol workers who:

- Are not already in a qualifying workplace pension scheme;
- at least 22 years old;
- Earn more than £7,475 a year; and
- Work or ordinarily work in the UK (under their contract)


However, even if you do not qualify to be automatically enrolled, you still have the right to join the scheme. If you tell your employer that you would like to opt in to the scheme, they must allow you to do so.


When is this happening?
Although automatic enrolment comes in from 1 October 2012, individual employers’ duties will be introduced gradually over the following five years, and will be based on the employer’s size.


There will be a maximum three month waiting period before your employer must enrol you; however, if you are aged between 16 and 75 years and want to start saving straight away, you will be able to opt into the scheme.


Find out how Auto Enrolment will affect your businesses future. Call us on 01323 734540

Finding the right pension for your individual needs from the whole of market

Making sure that we have enough money for the end of our working days is the biggest financial challenge most of us ever face. As we live longer and retirement years increase, solid savings become ever more important.


Your money has more time to grow, and you will get more top-ups from the taxman. If you start a pension early, you can pay in less each month and still match the pension of someone who starts later – or pay in the same which means you’ll have more than they will, come retirement.


You can start a scheme at any time – whether you are employed, self-employed or not working. This type of pension is called - personal. Once you have set one up you can control how much money you pay into it.


Your decision will largely depend on how much you can afford to save for your pension and how much you will get from other pensions.


Personal pensions may be suitable for:

- people who are self-employed

- people who are not working but can afford to pay for a pension

- employees whose employer does not offer a company pension scheme

- employees who have the option to pay into a company pension, but choose not to

- employees on a moderate income who wish to top up the money they would get from a company pension


As independent financial advisers we pride ourselfs on finding the right pension for your indevidual needs from the whole of market.


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Testimonial #1
The service I have recieved from 121 financial services has been exceptionally helpful. They are respectful and patient as it has often been difficult for me to understand the financial market and how best to manage my money. I had ssen 2 financial advisors prior to meeting with 121 and decided this was who I wanted a service from due to the effort and time they took to research and gave me time to make my decisions. I would definately recommend this company.
ByJackie P
Testimonial #2
Mark offered us an excellent service, providing sound and friendly advice with our life insurance. He talked us through this complex area and made it very easy to understand. We were particularly impressed with the amount of effort he went to in providing us with the best policy to suit our needs.
ByLyndsey M
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