EarthdreamerAlternative Medicine Practitioner in Swindon, Wiltshire

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Maybe you have a physical illness that the medical profession have only been able to help you with in a limited way? Maybe you wonder what you're really supposed to be doing with your life if it doesn't feel quite right now? This work can be used with anything you would like to bring. Sessions 48 but are reduced if a block is booked for ongoing work.
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Swindon and local area, also distance work depending on the therapy required
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Swindon, Wiltshire
SN25 2LT
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07403 302666
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Natalie Gray
My journey started nearly 20 years ago when I was at a low point in my life and experienced a drug induced psychosis. Little did I know then that this would set me on my way through an amazing journey of self discovery, healing and transformation.

I have over the years looked into many different modalities, loving crystals and their healing power, energy healing, meditation and practice within a Buddhist tradition, lightbody work, DNA activation, shamanic practice, holotropic breathwork which have all contributed to my path to awakening and fed my desire to understand myself and my reality. I have taken on some of these practices to share with others and believe that we are living in great times of change and that those who are here at this time are contributing to a great shift in consciousness such as that predicted by the Tibetan Buddhists 'the turning of the wheel of dharma' and the Mayans 'turning of the world or Pachacutti'.

After loosing much of our true connection to ourselves, our environment and each other, now is the time to rebuild/re-establish those connections and do what we came here to do, whatever that is!

We are all connected, what one does affects the group and vice versa, like threads in a tapestry making up an overall pattern.

In Lak'ech - I am another you
Meditation Evenings - Wednesdays
The classes are on a drop in basis. and all levels are welcome.I help you relax your body, connect with your chakras and balance masculine/feminine energy within you. Then I will lead you on a mindfulness meditation where through repetition you can train your mind to become calm and focused.The sessions are informal and friendly and you only need to bring a cushion/blanket to sit on.If you would like to be added to the mailing list for reminders of class dates, please go to my website and add your...
CitySwindon, Wiltshire
LocationThe Core, Devizes Road, Swindon
Start DateNov 25, 2015
End DateNov 27, 2019
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07403 302666
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