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Rob Jackson Personal Trainer
My name is Rob and I am a Personal Trainer in Poole looking to take on new clients that would benefit from my experience and expertise in achieving your goals. I specialise in Muscle/bodybuilding, weight management, Kickboxing and Thai Boxing training and my new initiative Beat the Bully for those that are suffering mental or physical abuse. Working out is about improving your self-confidence, feeling well and achieving a better quality of life by achieving the body you have always wanted with the
Good trainer when turns up! If he's not on phone or chatting some women up.
350a Ashley Road, Poole, BH14 9FD
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Academy Of Shaolin Kung Fu - Kung Fu in Poole01202 248 204
Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu website. We're the leading teachers and practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu, in the Bournemouth and Poole Area. We provide AMA approved martial arts training that covers the five animals, chin-na, fitness, discipline, ladies self-defence, traditional weapons, and kung fu
Poole, BH17 8PY
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Lun Kuen Academy Of Wing Chun07756 972 350
There have been many accounts as to the origins of Wing Chun and its true age can only be approximated to be between 350 - 500 years old. Without going into any great depth the story I was told goes like this. Legend has it that a Buddhist nun name Ng Mui, frustrated at not being able to compete with the monks due to size and strength, was out walking one day when she witnessed a fight between a crane and a snake, and adapted what she saw to meet the human
26 Forest Road, Poole, BH13
Recreation & SportMartial Arts