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Does your cleaning contractor understand your cleaning needs? Are your premises cleaned to the possible highest standards and the daily cleaning well documented? Is the communication good enough?

Huuummmm ! I see, ...

Before any kind of service agreement is signed a consultant / manager form the contractor service should pay you a visit and asses the overall needs of the facility. The consultant should be able to translate your concerns into specific methodology that will satisfy the requirements of your business.

Are the Cleaning Contractors flexible enough?

Offices are always changing aesthetic and landscape especially when to move to various locations within the building. This shift of furnishings and equipment requires different sanitation and requirements. Your service provider should have the right facilities and specifications to be able to handle a shift in cleaning needs.

Having acleaner that welcomes feedback is a keeper. Feedback should be more than your standard daily records and survey forms that are filled out and see no results for specific changes to your comments and requests, ...

At Smart Cleanings UK Limited we offer and provide all that without exceptions, and we also go the extra mile making sure that you and your members of staff are completely satisfied with our services.

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Published OnMay 24, 2011
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