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Savvas had been unemployed for 18 months due to redundancy when he was referred to Free2Learn and he needed to get back into employment urgently as he had a family to support. Savvas had previously tried everything to gain employment including cold calling companies, sending out his CV’s and making applications for jobs directly online.  But all he had been receiving was lots of rejection letters.  Irritated and tired of looking at the computer and applying for endless job roles and without any success and without being offered  a single job interview, he came to Free2Learn  with his confidence being at an all time low.  At the same time the pressure was on him to provide for his family. Savvas first heard about Free2Learn’s FREE courses whilst being unemployed through the back to work organisation he was registered with.


When Savvas arrived at Free2Learn, he expressed that he was concerned and worried that not having the right mix of qualifications and experiences may put him at a disadvantage of getting his dream job. But once Savvas had successfully completed his Free2Learn FREE training program which included a range of BTEC qualifications as well as a SIA Badge, fully paid for by Free2Learn, he immediately started to feel more confident again.Once he updated CV with the help of the Free2Learn team with his new qualifications and achievements he felt ready to be put forward for job interviews and able to finally stand out as an ideal candidate.


The Free2Learn recruitment department went ahead and arranged job interviews for Savvas with corporate security employers and the pre-arranged job interviews for Savvas took place Free2Learn’s Head Office in Hackney. Savvas was over joyed by this and really couldn’t believe that he had been given the opportunity to have direct interviews with employers. This was something that he did not manage to achieve before on his own regardless of how hard he had tried. Savvas was successful at the job interview and as a result was offered a full time job. His confidence is now back again at an all time high.


Heis incredibly thankful to Free2Learn for been able to attend a valuable FREE training program and than for having had   job interviews organised for him with highly established companies. The support that Free2Lean has given to him was second to none and has given him new hope for the future.  He feels that the unique opportunities that learners receive Free2Learn especially in this current climate in the job market are like gold dust. Savvas is overjoyed to be commencing employment in a corporate security role for a high profile government location in central London.


Savvas highly recommends others who are unemployed to get in touch with Free2Learn:

“It is really well worth it, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain”

He is now looking forward to a long and successful career in his new job.
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Published OnJun 21, 2013
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