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"Regarding my experience at Free2learn I was unemployed and not sure of what to expect when I initially applied online for the training course. But already during the initial assessment and the registration process I gained a lot of useful information about the content of the course and was immediately very excited regarding the prospects of learning as I found out there was much more included as part of the training program that I had initially expected.


I  feel that the learning experience  was very excellent and that a lot of information was given and that this information could be easily digested. The learning was very interactive and it really helped me a lot doing the group work. For example it made me appreciate how important the aspect of  customer service and retail  is from a business point of view. Also the trainer encouraged integration of everybody in the group and  because  of this I was able to build new great friendships with the other students in my group.


We received extremely good support throughout the course from start to finish. Even once I completed my training course at Free2Learn I was able to come back and speak to my trainer and for example to get some additional interview techniques, extra support and advice to help me find a job. My tutor was patient and understanding with us and always went out of her way to help even when it had nothing to do with training.


With the help and support of the Free2Learn training program and their great team, I improved my communication skills; presentation skills and learnt what is the  required to become a team leader as well as resolution skills. The courses has not only helped me  to improve my understanding of what is required in the retail industry but also has now helped me find  a job.  The knowledge I have gained  has now  given me confidence when applying for retail work and selling  myself  during interviews.


Thanks to Free2Learn just after 2 weeks of completing the course I have already  secured a full time position  as a Customer Service Agent. The interviewer thought it was excellent knowledge and that I had attended an excellent training program.

My time at Free2Learn was very enjoyable and at the same time I was pushed and focused by my trainer. I would really  recommend the training to  all people.


Overall, I would like to mention that my time at Free2Learn was a  great  experience,  that the course is definitely well worth attending to improve once skills to help to find and secure a job. It is a great feeling to know I was able to achieve this and that after only 2 weeks I am now in full time employment with a great employer".
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Published OnJun 21, 2013
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